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Vinyl records - Erotica
Romantic or sexy covers or content, pinups, cheesecake ...

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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

Giorgio Moroder / 1978 / Casablanca NBLP-7126

VG++ co / VG++ / $25.00Record sold

Cover art by Winston Taylor. Cut corner on cover


Bilitis (soundtrack)

Francis Lai / 1977 / Seven Seas FML-78

VG++ / VG++ / $28.00

Japanese release. From the David Hamilton movie, with erotic cover and gatefold art by Hamilton

Black Sabbath The Eternal Idol

Black Sabbath (more Black Sabbath)

The Eternal Idol / 1987 / Warner Bros 25548-1

NM / NM / $16.00

Blind Faith - Blind Faith (with original cover)

Blind Faith

Blind Faith / 1969 / Atco SD33-204B

NM co / NM / $35.00Record sold

Original release with cover showing nude girl. 1/8-inch cutout sawmark in cover, vinyl like new. A classic with Had To Cry Today, Can't Find My Way Home, Well All Right, Presence Of The Lord, Sea Of Joy, Do What You Like


Blind Faith - Blind Faith

Blind Faith

Blind Faith / 1978 / RSO 422-825 094-1

VG++ / NM / $25.00

Reissue with original cover. A classic with Had To Cry Today, Can't Find My Way Home, Well All Right, Presence Of The Lord, Sea Of Joy, Do What You Like


Broadway Singers & Orchestra

The Best Musical Comedy Songs / 1957 / Halo 50245 mono

NM / VG+ /Record sold

Notable for its collectible cover (see larger image) featuring Bunny Yeager's photo of '50s pinup vixen Bettie Page

Country Porn

Chinga Chavin's Country Porn / 1976 / Country Porn Records (no #)

VG++ / VG++ / $30.00

Gatefold cover with the raunchy lyrics


Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet

Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet (7" EP) / 1987 / Mangrove ROOT-006

NM / NM / $18.00

Japanese release, sea green vinyl


Jose Echaniz

Lecuonas: Danzas Afro-Cubanas / 195? / Westminster XWN 18435 mono

VG+ / VG++ /Record sold

Tape on cover seam and small writing on back cover


Heat / 1979 / MCA 3153

VG++ / VG+ / $11.00

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Sounds Astounding / 197? / Stereo Gold Award MER 405

VG+ / VG++ / $10.00Record sold

U.K. release. Full symphony orchestra with synthesizers


Arthur Lyman - Legend of Pele

Arthur Lyman (Sounds Of Arthur Lyman) (more Lounge music)

The Legend Of Pele / 1959 / HiFi R813


Exotic sounds from the Island of Hawaii, land of volcanoes. Cover imagines the fire goddess Pele as a buxom blonde! "Stereo" sticker on cover


Montrose - Jump On It

Montrose (more Montrose)

Jump On It / 1976 / Warner Bros BS 2963

VG++ / VG++ / $12.00

Original release, custom inner sleeve with credits


Ohio Players - Climax

New arrival Ohio Players

Climax / 1974 / Westbound WB 1003

VG+ co / NM / $24.00

Cut corner on cover


Ohio Players - Honey

New arrival Ohio Players

Honey / 1975 / Mercury SRM-1-1038

VG+ / NM / $16.00


Ohio Players

Contradiction / 1976 / Mercury SRM-1-1088

VG++ co / NM / $14.00

With their signature erotic gatefold cover

Diana Ross (more Diana Ross)

Why Do Fools Fall In Love / 1981 / RCA Victor AFL1-4153

NM / NM / $12.00

Sexy gatefold cover, custom inner sleeve with credits


Roxy Music (more Roxy Music)

Country Life / 1974 / Atco SD-36-106

VG++ / VG+ / $16.00Record sold

Original cover. Custom inner sleeve is taped at seams



Music For Relaxing / 195? / Hollywood LPH 5 mono

NM / VG / $25.00Record sold

Featuring the "Baldwin Orgasonic Spinet Organ" and piano. A Saturday Evening Post production. If you recognize the pinup queen, please email


Praised For Their Music, Damned For Their Lyrics / 1988 / Caligula CR6969

NM is / NM / $50.00

Rare glam/sleaze. Includes insert with lyrics & credits


Strings For Pleasure

The Music Of Burt Bacharach / 1971 / MFP 5159

VG++ / VG++ / $10.00

Dutch release. With cheesecake cover


Various Artists - Copulatin' Blues

Various Artists

Copulatin' Blues Volume One / 1976 / Stash ST 101


Original Stash compilation, not a reissue. 16 raunchy blues songs from the '30s. Artists include Sidney Bechet, Bessie Smith, Lil Johnson, Johnny Temple, Merline Johnson, Coot Grant, Lucille Bogan, Bessie Jackson, Georgia White. Includes insert with unexpurgated lyrics.

Turn On With The World's Most Sensuous Music

New arrival Various Artists

Turn On With The World's Most Sensuous Music / 1978 / Turn On TO 1001

NM is / VG++ / $14.00

Featuring Ravel's Bolero plus sexy selections from Rachmaninoff, Wagner, Falla, Tchaikovsky, Rimky-Korsakov, Strauss, Debussy.

Dionne Warwick (more Dionne Warwick)

Dionne Warwick / 198? / Hit Parade International HP-14

NM / NM / $15.00

Italian release. Gratuitous cheesecake cover, otherwise nice package with 12-page booklet insert with color photos of the artist and biographical notes in Italian


Wild Cherry

Only The Wild Survive / 1979 / Epic JE 35760

NM is / VG++ / $12.50